How To Make Your Office Lockers A Style Statement?

An office locker in an organization is one of the best investments that a company is proud of because it has the power to create a clutter-free and well-disciplined environment. Needless to say, it also proves to be a major source of security. When you pay a visit, you will find that majority of the organizations would have settled with the standard lockers that echo the corporate culture. Seldom do we understand that even this piece of furniture plays a significant role in acing up the productivity. Let these lockers evoke a sense of elegance that positively contributes to the organization’s work environment.


So how do you carve out a style statement for your office lockers? You could start with the basics such as opting for a funky set of lockers, a separate set of lockers for each and every requirement, etc. Read on to find out some more tips on bringing a bout of freshness to your office premises.

4 Tips to make your office lockers a style statement

1. A splash of vibrancy

How about coating the lockers with some bright and funky colors to uplift the mood? Yes, the colors have the ability to cast spells on human emotions.Talking about colors, let me introduce you to a few of them and how manipulative they are. An intensive blue color encourages efficiency along with sanitizing your thinking process. A yellow color contributes in accentuating your focus.A soft pink color helps in bringing a gentle and soothing effect to the surrounding and the list is endless. Try out these positive colors for the office lockers. Moreover, if you are limited by time, then you can buy lockers online UK, where you just have to make a few clicks to arrive at results that you would be proud of.

2. The right material will bring out the right flavor

Apart from colors, you could also experiment with the material. Wooden, phenolic, metal and plastic are the most sought-after materials in the world of storage lockers. You could go for a wooden locker if you want to give a classic look to the premises.

Phenolic and plastic lockers are the standard lockers that when used with the right colors and the right accessories will bring out the best of both worlds. Metal lockers will give a tough look to the surroundings as durability is one of its prominent attributes.

3. Locker accessories to the rescue

Garment bars, cloth hangers, locker base, handle on the door, etc. are some of the locker accessories that could not only be used to bring about a style statement but also ace up the functionalities.

4. Time for some brand power

How about imprinting your organization’s logo on the locker doors and handles? Sounds interesting, isn’t it? This will help to bring a personalized look to your office surroundings, a bang on style statement, helping the employees to connect with the goals and intentions of the organization.

Final Note

A good working environment indirectly contributes to the productivity of the employees. Starting from the electronics to furniture – all these office equipment have the power to manipulate an employee’s thinking capacity. So why not make them fruitful for the employees by putting in a little extra effort. Next time if you are planning to buy lockers from the traditional bricks and mortar store or buy lockers online UK, do not forget the style factor.